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  • Lunar Phase Necklace
  • Lunar Phase Necklace
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  • Sodalite
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By Glam Latte

Lunar Phase Necklace

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Lunar Phase Necklace:  Featuring 4mm faceted stones connected a 24k gold plated charm and chain. This looks beautiful layered with other pieces. Also part of the Luminary Stack.                                            

Available in 4 stone options and 3 sizes 

 All products are hand made to order.  While it's usually sooner, please allow 1-2 weeks for production and shipping time. 


Ideal stone for overcoming procrastination and disorganization, giving one the motivation to complete tasks. Enhances mental clarity and helps one ground their thoughts. Improves self-discipline and encourages one to incorporate structure into their life.  

Other benefits: Powerful against viruses, stabilizes emotions, regenerates skin, great for pain relief


A highly spiritual crystal.  It is a great stone to aid in clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection, mediumship, and dreams. just to name a few.  This stone is connected to the third eye and crown chakras, and can open and activate these chakras for anyone around it. 

Other Benefits: Calms an overactive mind, energizes imagination, brings new ideas. Balances analysis, brings contemplation and introspection. Infuses intellectual thought with wisdom.


Grounds and stimulates the root chakra Allows you to find more stability by healing any energetic wounds. It also amplifies your magnetic frequency and allows you to manifest more effectively. Enhances courage and boldness, and is said to be very beneficial for women who are timid and afraid of speaking their truth. Great for calming an overactive and scattered mind. Believed to relieve chronic pain as it maintains the charge of nerve cells in the body.

Other benefits: regulates menstrual cycle, helps logical thinking, boosts self esteem


Eases symptoms of anxiety and depression, and promotes emotional balance. Boosts self-esteem, enhances creativity, and restores one's confidence in their abilities. Place in a group setting, such as an office, to promote harmony, cooperation, and teamwork. Stimulates the pineal gland and third eye. When used in meditation helps the mind understand circumstances more clearly. Can be placed on computers to block EMF. 

Other benefits: Balances metabolism, boosts the immune system. Helps digestive disorders.